panoRama Walk&Wall™

panoRama Walk&Wall™ is a printable, textured matte vinyl backed with fabric for dimensional stability and strength, and coated with a clear adhesive. Designed for short- to medium-term applications, Walk&Wall is ideal for carpet, tile, concrete, wood and PVC floors, untreated stone, concrete block, and short- and medium-pile carpet, both indoor and outdoor.

Application examples:

Features & Benefits

  • Structured matte finish
  • No or almost no adhesive residue
  • Sticks on almost any surface
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Print and go - no laminate solution
  • Digital cutting into any shape
  • Easily removable with no residue for up to 6 months


  •  Applied on top of carpeting, tiles, wooden and
  • PVC floors and untreated stone
  • Wall graphics
  • Door coverage
  • Tradeshows (exhibition walls and floors)
  • POP / POS