panoRama Tape

PanoRama Tape is an optically clear 2-sided adhesive specifically designed to apply our non-adhesive, see-through media to the inside of windows. pano- Rama Tape is ideal for retail POP application posters or large format prints. With a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other side, applying and removing can be done in the twinkling of an eye.

Application examples:

APPLICATIONS (examples):

  • posters or complete show case
  • office windows where outside application is not easy or not possible
  • room divider
  • indoor architecture


  • ideal for non-adhesive one-way-vision media applied to the inside of windows
  • crystal clear acrylic based adhesive
  • a 25 mm strip on top and bottom of the graphic suffice for application
  • ideal for retail POP
  • reduces application costs
  • reduces clean up works and costs
  • no residue after removal
  • poster remains safely on the indoor of the store
  • no vandalism
  • can also be used for non-perforated materials
  • permits to provide OWV-kits for selfmounting
  • impressive transparency on image
  • Höchste Transparenz