panoRama Green Laminate

panoRama Green Laminate is an optically clear polyester pressure-sensitive laminate with a gloss finish designed for over laminating printed media, especially panoRama Green perforated window film. The material won’t shrink or expand, helping to prevent tunnelling or channeling. panoRama Green Laminate offers outstanding resistance to marking and scuffing, keeping graphics looking clean and fresh over time. Create an outstanding long-lasting non-PVC solution for windows or other smooth surfaces by pairing panoRama Green Laminate with panoRama Green one way vision window film or our versatile iTacGreen film.


  • Perforated Window Film Protection
  • Any Environment Where Optical Clarity and Graphic Protection are a Priority


  • Will Not Shrink or Expand
    - Extremely Dimensionally Stable
  • Helps Prevent Tunneling or Channeling
  • Provides Outstanding Resistance to Marking and Scuffing