panoRama Film8020/7030™

panoRama Film™ is an innovative perforated, nonadhesive one-way vision PET film designed for a vast array of applciations. panoRama Film™ may be paired with our optically clear double-sided panoRama Tape™ for simple inside-mount window graphics. Available in 20% (panoRama Film8020™) and 30% (panoRama Film7030™) open areas, panoRama Film™ has excellent dimensional stability and tear strength.

Application examples:


• Retail window graphics
• Display backdrops
• Hanging banners
• Room dividers and interior architectural features
• Excellent sunlight reduction when used as a window shade}
• Apply respositionable panoRama Tape™ after printing for easy inside-mount one-way vision window graphics


• Universal liner means panoRama Film™ is compatible with (eco)solvent, UV, and Latex inks
• PVC Free and recyclable – an eco-friendly alternative to PVC
• PET material is lay-flat with excellent dimensional stability and tear strength – great for no-curl hanging banners
• Pair with repositionable panoRama Tape™ for do-it-yourself installation – no professional installer needed
• Extremely light and reusable when used in applications without adhesive