ITac Plus™

ITacPlus™ is a vinyl film designed for easy application onto smooth surfaces. It is repositionable and removable without any residue. ITacPlus™ is especially designed for POS and direct application onto car bodies. We guarantee no defects or transformation of the paintwork in accordance with our warranty provisions. Due to the good repositioning and low tack characteristics at the start, application is very easy, even for inexperienced users! The adhesive achieves full strength after 24 to 48 hours when applied to smooth surfaces. After application the product firmly sticks onto all kinds of vehicles and is even durable in an automatic car-wash. Add panoRama iTP Protect™ to use it for floor graphics with slip-rating.

Application examples:

  • easy application and removal
  • removal without adhesive residue although
  • permanently bonded
  • excellent durability
  • B1 certified
  • great heat resistance and dimensional stability
  • Easy to clean from dirt and dust


  • not recommended, or only after prior testing, for application onto the following
  • surfaces: vinyl, aluminum, copper and wrapped cars
  • no tack achievable on damaged lacquered
  • surfaces e.g. scrateched or damaged
  • paint work


  • vehicles (windows and other parts)
  • glass (all kind of windows)
  • smooth surfaces
  • floor graphics (together with iTP Protect™)