panoRama Protect

panoRama White is a perforated, self-adhesive window film with white front and white back side. It is especially developed for short and midterm
applications such as events. This product offers 20% open area and is perfect for those who would like to unite quality and something new.
panoRama White is made of calendered vinyl with a clear, semi-permanent adhesive.

APPLICATIONS (examples):

  • designer retail windows and displays
  • decorative trade show window displays
  • modern building wraps
  • all applications up to 12 months


  • printable with solvent, ecosolvent, UV curable and latex inks
  • 12 months durability warranty if applied under normal conditions
  • removability up to 1 year under normal conditions (6 months without residue)
  • calendered vinyl offers great dimensional stability
  • special liner finish enables an easy handling
  • semi-permanent, clear adhesive offers good removability
  • designed to be combined with the over laminate panoRama Cast