panoRama Screen

PanoRama Screen is a special textile that can be compared with a mosquito net. It features the see-through effect from one side whereas its front side can be used for multiple communication purposes. This product is suitable for outdoor as well as for indoor use with unlimited application possibilities: flexible room divider, roller blind, general decoration purpose, shop window decoration…

APPLICATIONS (examples):

  • banner or display
  • background of show case
  • sunblind
  • room divider
  • facade of monument or in museum
  • outdoor publicity during sports events (e.g. tennis, volleyball …)
  • interacting mosquito net
  • indoor architecture


  • re-usable as it is non-adhesive
  • no curling effect
  • creation of new advertising space
  • indoor or outdoor usage
  • high translucency
  • high quality printing impression
  • multifunctional backing liner
  • excellent rear resistance
  • wind permeable
  • can get eyed or hot-sealed