panoRama Innova clear

panoRama Innova Clear  is a clear vinyl film with 80/20 perforation pattern. With only 20% removed area you get the very best image quality, maximum privacy and sunscreen while maintaining an excellent see-through level. Easy to install and remove and inside graphics have many advantages.

APPLICATIONS (examples):

  • shop windows
  • building wraps
  • rear or side windows of busses
  • rear windows of cars


  • No Lamination! The window protects the graphic; they last much longer than outside mounted graphics
  • No vandalism
  • No permits
  • Work inside avoiding outside weather conditions, wind, cold, rain, and heat!
  • Semi-permanent, clear adhesive offers good removability after long term application.
  • Applied on the inside of the window, less need for lifts, ladders and blocking traffic.
  • Suitable for printing with UV curable inks and screen printing.
  • Maximum contrast and great visibility (due to perfect 80/20 perforation pattern).
  • Up to 1 year durability warranty if applied under normal conditions.