panoRama Film

panoRama Film is an innovative non-adhesive, one-way vision product for  PoP displays, trade show displays, room dividers, creative displays in museums, etc… The graphics can be applied directly onto the inside of windows using our panoRama Tape, our optically clear 2-sided tape, or used in hanging systems.  Available in 70/30 and 80/20 patterns.

APPLICATIONS (examples):

  • hanging posters from ceiling or applied behind shop windows
  • background of show case
  • room divider
  • inside application on windows by use of panoRama Tape
  • flat rear windows of cars


  • excellent resistance against direct sunlight
  • re-usable perforated media as it is nonadhesive
  • air permeable and light material
  • can be equipped with adhesive after pr int ing in combinat ion with panoRama Tape
  • several times repositionable due to panoRama Tape
  • no more professional service required for application
  • creation of new advertising space
  • no vandalism
  • inside application