panoRama Film
panoRama Deco S is a high gloss, silver metalized polyester film for security and decorative applications. Perforated in a 80/20 hole pattern, the material, whether printed or unprinted, creates a unique, mirrored effect. Application and removal is very easy, due to the high rigidity / stability of the polyester film.

APPLICATIONS (examples):

  • privacy protection
  • decoration and effects
  • window associated with high privacy
  • not suitable for curved surfaces


  • mirror finish
  • PVC free
  • great durability
  • excellent resistance against direct sunlight
  • product is very stable
  • quick & easy Installation and removal
  • graphics can be pre-trimmed in the shop. Be sure to leave a gap of 1/8″ between the edge of the graphic and the window frame.